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Executive Services

Mission: GCS provides comprehensive administrative and financial management to the General Counsel and executes federally mandated and regulatory programs, including Freedom of Information Act, Security Review, Privacy Act, Records Management, Directives, Forms, Declassification Review, and Information Collection, on behalf of the Secretary within the Department and externally to the interagency and general public.

Vision: To be the preeminent provider of executive services and program management within the SAF/GC.

This branch provides support to the executive management of the Office of the General Counsel and all of its divisions. GCS has the following functions:
· Budget
· Personnel and human resources
· Information management systems

Budget: GCS provides management and oversight for the GC's budget. GCS coordinates with a Resource Management Specialist who tracks and monitors all fiscal operations of the GC.

Personnel and human resources: GCS is responsible for tracking and updating the UMD document for the GC. All administrative functions regarding the hiring of personnel, from creating the vacancy announcement, the CORE docs and

Information, Document and Records Management:
Information, Document and Records Management is responsible for the day to day support of the General Counsel's records management functions. The section provides fast and accurate retrieval and dissemination of information to clients. This is achieved through management of the electronic document and records management system and secure storage of information.


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