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Intelligence, International, & Military Affairs Division (SAF/GCI)

SAF/GCI provides senior-level legal advice and assistance to the Secretariat, Air Staff, and Space Staff  on a wide variety of matters in the areas of intelligence and national security, international affairs, space and aviation, cyberspace and information operations, and military personnel law.



Deputy General Counsel

Intelligence, International, & Military Affairs

Contact Information

Main Office:  (Pentagon, Washington D.C.)

Phone: (703) 697-0883


Intelligence & National Security

- Intelligence Oversight

- Intelligence (domestic aspects)

- Personnel Security

- Information Security

- Defense Sensitive Support Office matters

- Special Access Programs

Military Personnel Law

- Personnel Policy

- Senior Officer Matters

- Officer Accessions, Promotions, Discharges, Resignations, and Retirements

- Recruiting

- Awards

- Mobilization Authorities

- Emergency and Wartime Authorities

Space Operations, Cyber Operations & Policy

- Law of Outer Space

- Military Operations in Space

- Space Cooperation

- Relations with Foreign and International Space Agencies

- Orbital Debris

- International Meteorological Satellite Programs

- National, DoD, and USAF Space Policies

- Space Arms Control

- National, DoD, and USAF Cyberspace Policies

International Cooperative Programs

- NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Program

- NATO C-17 Program

- NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance

- NATO Tactical Leadership Program

- EURO-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program

- F-16 Multi-National Fighter Program

- International Standardization

- Personal Exchange Programs

- Joint Use Arrangements

International Operations & Activities

- Foreign Basing and Operating Rights; Base Closure

- Status of Forces

- Legal Status of Military Aircraft (e.g., inspection, fees)

- Military Aircraft Overflight, Clearances, and International Civil Aviation

- Law of Armed Conflict

- Disposal of U.S. Property Overseas

- International Intelligence Operations

- Arms Control matters (e.g., drafting, negotiating, interpreting agreements; advice on compliance)

- International Agreement Procedures (negotiation and conclusion of agreements)

- Overseas Environmental Matters (with SAF/GCN)

Security Cooperation

- Arms Export Control Act matters

- Foreign Assistance Act matters

- Foreign Military Sales

- Foreign Disclosure and Security - International Leases

- Presidential Drawdowns of Defense Articles and Services

- Export Licenses and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) matters

- Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements

- Foreign Training in CONUS - Support to Coalition Forces

- Joint and Combined Exercises