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Intelligence, International, & Military Affairs Division (SAF/GCI)

SAF/GCI provides senior-level legal advice and assistance to the Secretariat, Air Staff, and Space Staff  on a wide variety of matters in the areas of intelligence and national security, international affairs, space and aviation, cyberspace and information operations, and military personnel law.



Mr. Scott Martin

Deputy General Counsel

Intelligence, International, & Military Affairs

Contact Information

Main Office:  (Pentagon, Washington D.C.)

Phone: (703) 697-0883


Intelligence & National Security

- Intelligence Oversight

- Intelligence (domestic aspects)

- Personnel Security

- Information Security

- Defense Sensitive Support Office matters

- Special Access Programs

Military Personnel Law

- Personnel Policy

- Senior Officer Matters

- Officer Accessions, Promotions, Discharges, Resignations, and Retirements

- Recruiting

- Awards

- Mobilization Authorities

- Emergency and Wartime Authorities

Space Operations, Cyber Operations & Policy

- Law of Outer Space

- Military Operations in Space

- Space Cooperation

- Relations with Foreign and International Space Agencies

- Orbital Debris

- International Meteorological Satellite Programs

- National, DoD, and USAF Space Policies

- Space Arms Control

- National, DoD, and USAF Cyberspace Policies

International Cooperative Programs

- NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Program

- NATO C-17 Program

- NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance

- NATO Tactical Leadership Program

- EURO-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program

- F-16 Multi-National Fighter Program

- International Standardization

- Personal Exchange Programs

- Joint Use Arrangements

International Operations & Activities

- Foreign Basing and Operating Rights; Base Closure

- Status of Forces

- Legal Status of Military Aircraft (e.g., inspection, fees)

- Military Aircraft Overflight, Clearances, and International Civil Aviation

- Law of Armed Conflict

- Disposal of U.S. Property Overseas

- International Intelligence Operations

- Arms Control matters (e.g., drafting, negotiating, interpreting agreements; advice on compliance)

- International Agreement Procedures (negotiation and conclusion of agreements)

- Overseas Environmental Matters (with SAF/GCN)

Security Cooperation

- Arms Export Control Act matters

- Foreign Assistance Act matters

- Foreign Military Sales

- Foreign Disclosure and Security - International Leases

- Presidential Drawdowns of Defense Articles and Services

- Export Licenses and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) matters

- Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements

- Foreign Training in CONUS - Support to Coalition Forces

- Joint and Combined Exercises