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Installations, Energy and Environmental Law Division (SAF/GCN)

SAF/GCN provides legal and policy advice to members of the Secretariat, the Air Staff, and the Space Staff on virtually all matters relating to the Department’s 180 installations; nearly 10 million acres of real estate; Base Realignment and Closure; annual $7 billion installation and operational energy budgets; annual multibillion dollar military construction program; $8.3 billion military privatized housing portfolio; programs for environmental planning, compliance, and restoration and natural and cultural resources management; and programs for safety and occupational health. The Division also advises the Center of Excellence for Environment, Facilities and Installations and the Energy, Environmental and Installations  Directorates within the Air Force Civil Engineer Center.



       Photo of Mr. Jeff Luster

        Mr. Jeffrey P. Luster 

      Deputy General Counsel

 Installations, Energy & Environmental Law

Contact Information

Main Office:  (Pentagon, Washington D.C.)

Phone: (703) 614-7820

Environmental Planning

SAF/GCN Attorneys advise clients on matters requiring environmental consideration in planning and operating mission essential activities. This includes:

- Environmental Planning and Conservation, In General
- The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments
- Airspace and Range Management, Acquisition, and Modification
- Aircraft and Other Mission Realignments
- Installation Natural Resources Management Plans
- Environmental Issues Overseas, In General
- Legislative Initiatives

Natural Resources

SAF/GCN advises the Air Force Natural Resources Trustee on trusteeship duties and provides advice with regard to natural resources conservation and management. This includes legal advice on:

- Natural Resources Trusteeship
- Massachusetts Military Reservation
- Natural Resources Conservation and Management
- Installation Natural Resources Management Plans
- Endangered Species


SAF/GCN provides legal advice and counsel, on all aspects of Air Force energy policy, compliance, and transactions, acting in coordination with other specific legal when appropriate.

- Air Force Energy Policy
- Compliance
- Transactions
- Renewable Energy Policy and Project Implementation

Real Estate

SAF/GCN Attorneys provide legal advice and counsel on all aspects of the acquisition, management, and disposal of real property. This includes:

- Facilities Privatization, In General
- Utilities Privatization
- Air Guard and Reserve Real Property matters
- Leases, In General, Including Enhanced Use Leases
- Easements, licenses, rights of entry, & property use permits
- Real property exchanges
- Gifts of real property to the Air Force
- Zoning, Annexation, & Legislative Jurisdiction of Installations
- Use of Civil Airports and Military Airfields
- Cooperative Agreements & Environmental Use Restrictive Easements through the Readiness and Environmental Commercial Space Launch-related real property out grants
- Withdrawals & relinquishment of public land
- Public benefit transfers of Air Force real property

Base Closure, Realignment, and Reuse

SAF/GCN provides legal advice on all aspects of base closure, realignment, and reuse.

Special Interest Matters

SAF/GCN provides legal advice and counsel on a number of special interest and miscellaneous matters. This includes:

- Continuity of Operations
- Civil Administration of Wake Island
- Air Force Museum


SAF/GCN provides legal advice and counsel on all aspects of Air Force facilities, including maintenance, repair, and military construction. This includes:

- Interpretation of Military Construction Authorization and Appropriations Acts
- Military Construction
- Repair and Maintenance
- Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (Including MWR and AAFES)
- Encroachment on the use of ranges and airspace by renewable energy construction
- Legislative Initiatives
- Intergovernmental Support Agreements

Environment, Historic & Cultural Protection

SAF/GCN provides legal advice and counsel on a wide variety of environmental, historic, and cultural protection issues that includes:

- Endangered Species
- Historical, Archaeological, & Cultural Preservation
- Airspace and Range Management, Acquisition, and Modification
- Native American Issues
- Coastal Zone, Marine Sanctuaries, & Marine Mammal Protection
- Legislative Initiatives
- Readiness & Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI)

Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal

SAF/GCN advises clients on matters relating to the management and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes. In addition, the office provides advice and representation with regard to negotiating with environmental regulatory agencies. Legal advice regarding the following areas is provided for by our office

- Management and Disposal of Hazardous Materials and Waste, and Pollution Prevention
- Environmental Cleanup, Restoration, and Compliance
- Environmental Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA)
- Natural Resources Trusteeship
- Interagency Negotiations
- Unexploded Ordinance (UXO)/Ranges
- Federal Facility Agreement Model Language