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Fiscal, Ethics & Administrative Law Division (SAF/GCA)

SAF/GCA provides senior-level legal advice and assistance to the Secretariat, Air Staff, and Space Staff on a wide variety of matters in the areas of fiscal, ethics, interaction with the Office of Special Counsel, legislative communications and proposals, Air Force organization & administration, and civilian personnel policy.



Ms. Shannon McGuire

Deputy General Counsel

Fiscal, Ethics & Administrative Law

Contact Information

Main Office:  (Pentagon, Washington D.C.)

Phone: (703) 697-7430

Ethics: (703) 693-0417

Fiscal Practice Area

- The proper use of appropriated and non-appropriated funds

- Interpretation of the annual authorization act, annual appropriations act, and continuing resolutions

- Accounting and finance issues

- Anti-Deficiency Act Issues

- Use of Special Funds (including emergency and extraordinary expense funds and official representations funds)

- Memoranda of Agreements or Understanding; Interservice Support Agreements

Ethics Practice Area

- Air Force Ethics Office

- Gift Acceptance Authority

- Interpretation of the Joint Ethics Regulation (JER)

- Resolving conflict of interest questions from new Presidential appointees and other senior Secretariat officials

- Managing the financial disclosure reporting system for the Secretariat

- Post-employment restrictions, official invitations, gifts, travel, outside activities, political activities and relations with non-federal entities

- Travel and Transportation

- Conferences 

Administrative Practice Area

- Authority of Air Force Officials

- Organizational Issues

- Delegation of Authority

- Memoranda of Agreements or Understanding; Interservice Support Agreements

- Pay and Entitlements

- Advisory Committees

- Publications (including Mission Directives)

- Federal Vacancies Act

Civilian Personnel Practice Area

- General Civilian Personnel Issues (e.g. Title 5 Interpretations)

-  Equal Employment Opportunity

-  Adverse Actions

-  Diversity Policy

-  Senior Executive Service Matters

-  Office of Special Counsel and Whistleblower Protection

-  Labor-Management Relations

-  Special Government Employees (Intergovernmental Personnel Act, Highly Qualified Experts)

Legislative Practice Area

- Review of legislative proposals in the annual DoD/GC legislative program

- Review of legislative items (draft bills, reports, testimony, etc.) from within and outside DoD

- National, DoD, and DAF Space Policies

- Space Arms Control

- National, DoD, and DAF Cyberspace Policies