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Public Financial Disclosure (OGE Form 278e)

Presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate, General and Flag Officers, members of the Senior Executive Service, and certain other individuals are required to file an OGE Form 278e, Public Financial Disclosure Report.  Individuals must file an OGE Form 278e within 30 days after appointment or promotion to a covered position.  These individuals must also file a report every year by May 15.  Finally, individuals occupying a position in which they are required to file an OGE Form 278e are required to file a termination OGE Form 278 within 30 days after leaving that position through resignation or retirement.

Filers must file their OGE Form 278e in the e-filing system, Filers must contact their local ethics official to gain access to the e-filing system. Only an ethics official can register filers in the system. simplifies the report preparation process by guiding the filer through entering reportable information. Additionally,

  • Allows incumbent filers to pre-populate each new report with information about assets and income, liabilities, and outside positions from the report of the previous year
  • Allows incumbent filers to pre-populate the Transactions section of an annual or termination OGE Form 278e with transactions from periodic transaction reports in the system
  • Enables filers to submit their report online using a digital signature
  • Allows termination filers to be registered with a personal email address so that they can access the system without a CAC card and with a user ID and password only

Pursuant to the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK Act), effective July 2, 2012, OGE Form 278e filers must also report certain transactions over $1,000 within 30 days after receiving notification of a transaction but not later than 45 days after the date of the transaction. Transactions (purchases, sales or exchanges) of stocks, bonds, commodity futures, or certain other securities owned by the filer where the transaction exceeds $1,000 must be reported on a periodic transaction report, OGE Form 278-T. Filers are encouraged to simplify the process by reviewing their financial statements once a month and submitting the periodic transaction report on a certain day each month. This report would contain all necessary transactions that occurred during the previous 30 days. Filers must file their OGE Form 278-T in the e-filing system.

OGE Form 278 filers must complete annual government ethics training. Local ethics officials will contact filers when the ethics training sessions for the year have been scheduled. Per DoD policy, all ethics training must be complete no later than 30 November each year.

Requests to Inspect or Receive Copies of Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports or Other Covered Records (OGE Form 201) should be submitted to

Please contact your local ethics official with any questions. For Air Force and Space Force personnel assigned to the Air Staff, Space Staff or Secretariat, please contact the Air Force Ethics Office (SAF/GCA) at

Using Integrity.Gov

Helpful Hints for Filers

  • How to Find Your Supervisor in  This document explains how to verify that your OGE Form 278e will be transmitted to the correct supervisor.  Do not start your report until you verify that your supervisor is correct.  If a correction is needed, contact your ethics official.

  • How to Pre-Populate an Annual or Termination OGE Form 278e:  This document explains how to pre-populate your annual or termination OGE Form 278e with the data from last year’s report, a step that will save you time as you complete this year’s report.  After pre-populating the report, you can update the data that was previously entered. 

  • How to Import Transactions from 278-Ts onto Transactions section of the OGE Form 278e:  The Department of Defense Standards of Conduct Office requires filers to report on the annual and termination OGE Form 278e transactions reported on periodic transaction reports.  This document explains how to import those transactions from 278-Ts filed in