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Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics Division (SAF/GCQ)

SAF/GCQ is responsible for providing legal advice to the Secretary of the Air Force, Under Secretary of the Air Force, Service Acquisition Executive, Program Executive Officers, the Air Staff, and the Space Staff on acquisition law, intellectual property, cybersecurity, CFIUS, sustainment, and significant litigation.  GCQ develops timely, pragmatic, and effective business solutions for the Department’s most complex and important matters. 


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                    Mr. Richard Clifford 

                  Deputy General Counsel


Contact Information

Main Office:  (Pentagon, Washington D.C.)

Phone: (703) 614-7820

IP Cadre

Phone:  (703) 601-1275


Major Programs and Mission Areas

GCQ advises on acquisition planning, source selections, and contract administration for major weapons systems, information systems, and space systems acquisition.  Supported programs include: 

- Airlift and Trainers
- Battle Management
- Business Systems
- Command and Control
- Cyberspace
- Fighters, Bombers and Attack Aircraft
- Global Reach
- Global Power
- Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
- Nuclear Deterrence
- Space Launch and Systems
- Special Access Programs
- Weapons/Missile Systems

Logistics and Maintenance

GCQ attorneys advise on logistics policy, depot maintenance, and partnering with industry for work performed at the Air Force logistics activities. 

Policy and Regulations

GCQ  attorneys provide advice to Air Force leaders to develop positions on proposed regulations and provide guidance on the development, interpretation and dissemination of Air Force acquisition and contracting policy.  Division attorneys also serve as the Air Force legal representative to the Defense Acquisition Regulation (DAR) Council and draft legislation when needed to meet Air Force objectives.

Other Matters

- Acquisition Workforce
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Civil Reserve Air Lift (CRAF)
- Clinger-Cohen Act
- Commercial Space Launch
- Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.
- Cost Accounting Standards
- Domestic preferences (Buy American)
- Contract Adjustment Board
- Construction
- Contingency Operations
- Cooperative Agreements
- Economy Act
- Enterprise-wide Systems
- Federally Funded Research/Development Centers
- Industrial Facilities
- Foreign Military Sales
- Grants
- Other Transactions
- Pricing
- Rapid Capabilities Office
- Small Business
- Supply Chain Risk Management

Outsourcing and Privatization

GCQ Attorneys advise on privatization and on the sourcing of commercial activities under OMB Circular A-76. Attorneys provide guidance on ways to improve quality and reduce the cost of performing the Air Force mission in the following areas:

- Energy Savings Performance Contracts
- Housing Privatization
- Utilities Privatization

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

GCQ advises on intellectual property and technology transfer issues, including the patenting and licensing of technologies developed by the Air Force; the acquisition of rights in intellectual property developed by the private sector; defense against claims for patent, copyright, or trademark infringement; and, advising on a variety of research and development partnering instruments. Legal advice regarding the following areas is provided for by our office:

- Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secrets & Trademarks
- Licenses and Royalties
- Delivery of and Rights in Technical Data
- Delivery of and Rights in Computer Software
- Technology Transfer
- Cooperative Research & Development Agreements
- Science, Technology & Engineering