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Post-Government Employment

There are laws that may affect the pre- and post- employment activities of separating or retiring military members and civilian employees, including restrictions that apply to:

  • Job-hunting or seeking employment
  • Post-government employment

    The rules on post-Government employment are set out in:

    • Various Federal statutes
    • Office of Government Ethics (OGE) regulations
    • The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), DOD 5500.7-R (for DOD personnel)
    The Air Force Ethics Office applies the rules to four categories of personnel. You may find yourself in one or more of these categories.

    • All Air Force personnel (military and civilian)
    • Senior Government Employees (general officers and SES members)
    • Retired Military Members
    • Contracting Officials
    Please consult the Pre- and Post- Employment Restrictions for Separating and Retiring Air Force Personnel Handout for detailed information on how these restrictions may apply to you.

    Post-Employment Seminars

    GCA provides post-employment seminars for HAF and SAF employees (GS-15/O-6 and below) in Pentagon Room 4C934. Call 703-693-0417 to register for a briefing. (recommended for military officers/civilians considering defense related employment in the private sector).

    AF personnel assigned to 11/WG or AFDW should contact 11WG/JA or AFDW/JA. For Air Force personnel assigned to other USAF, DOD or Federal organizations: contact the servicing ethics counselor or staff judge advocate/legal counsel for the organization to which you are assigned.