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Financial Disclosure Reports

One of SAF/GCA's responsibilities is managing the Financial Disclosure Reporting System for the Air Force. Under regulations issued by the Office of Government Ethics, various officials within the Air Force are required to file Financial Disclosure Reports.
Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-278)

Presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate, General Officers, and members of the Senior Executive Service are required to file an OGE-278 "Public Financial Disclosure Report" annually. The OGE-278s must generally be filed within 30 days of appointment to a covered position, and thereafter, every year by May 15. Individuals occupying a position in which they are required to file an OGE-278 are also required to file a "termination report" within 30 days of leaving that position through resignation or retirement. Please click here for additional information about the OGE-278 filing requirements.

Additional Information

Everyone that is required to file either a OGE-278 or OGE-450 must also complete annual government ethics training. This requirement can be satisfied by linking to the online training module (coming in September 2013).

Please contact your local SJA office with any questions. For Air Force personnel assigned to the Air Staff or Secretariat, please contact the Air Force Ethics Office (SAF/GCA) at usaf.pentagon.saf-gc.mbx.SAF-GCA-Ethics-Workflow@mail.mil or (703) 693-0417.
Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-450)

Other individuals at the level of O-6/GS-15 or below may be required to file an OGE-450 "Confidential Financial Disclosure Report" when assigned to designated positions. The OGE-450s must generally be filed within 30 days from the date an individual begins an assignment to a covered position, and thereafter, every year by February 15th. SAF/GC or SAF/GCA will generally send out notice of the annual filing requirement in October. Please click here for additional information about the OGE-450 filing requirements.


Financial Disclosure Management (FDM)

OGE-278 and OGE-450 filers should utilize the Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) online program to prepare the required financial disclosure reports. FDM simplifies the report preparation process by guiding the filer through entering reportable financial information. Additionally,

· Allows incumbent filers to pre-populate each new report with information from the report of the previous year
· Monitors the data entered, "flagging" missing or erroneous items
· Enables the filers to submit their report online using a digital signature and allows reviewers to online as well as electrically sign the reports