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Mission Statement

Aiming to be the premier ethics program in the United States Federal Government, the Air Force Ethics Office (SAF/GCA) center provides ethics leadership to all Air Force personnel through training, education, and case-specific guidance, offering legal advice to ensure public confidence in the integrity of government officials. The Air Force Ethics Office upholds the Air Force values of integrity, service, and excellence.


The Deputy General Counsel for Fiscal, Ethics and Administrative Law reminds filers of the OGE Form 278e Public Financial Disclosure Report that the filing season is now underway and that the deadline for submitting the incumbent report this year is Monday, 16 May 2016. A copy of the Deputy General Counsel's letter is available here.

SAF/GCA has also prepared a document listing information that is often overlooked but that must be reported on the OGE Form 278e. The list is available by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reviewers and Supervisors who wish to review submitted reports will not be able to do so via "Worklist View Mode". You must use "OrgUnit View Mode". Please see the 2014 Review in FDM (Supervisor) Directions for ensuring you are on the correct screen.

Areas of Legal Expertise

Legal advice regarding the following areas is provided for by our office:

· Conflict of Interest Issues
· Endorsements
· Financial Disclosure Reporting (OGE-450s and OGE-278s)
· Fundraising
· Gifts
· Gifts From Outside Sources
· Interpretations of the Joint Ethics Regulations (JER)
· Misuse of Position
· Official Invitations
· Political Activities
· Political Nominations
· Post-Government Service Restrictions and Off-Duty Employment
· Off-Duty Employment
· Post-Government Employment
· Post-Government Employment -- SES (memorandum)
· Relations with Non-Federal Entities
· Travel
· Air National Guard Issues
  --  Response Opinion re Authority to Impose Administrative Action 
  --  Memo re Applicability of JER to Members of NG

Please contact your local SJA office with any questions. For Air Force personnel assigned to the Air Staff or Secretariat, please contact the Air Force Ethics Office (SAF/GCA) at 
usaf.pentagon.saf-gc.mbx.SAF-GCA-Ethics-Workflow@mail.mil  or (703) 693-0417.